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What makes us advanced?

Our machine works on the principle of “HEPA Neutralizer Filtration” technology which is one of the World’s premier home cleaning system. The equipment delivers world-class aqua based sanitizing technology. Based on the principle that “Wet Dust Can’t Fly”, the machine uses a unique water-based filtration system to effectively remove dirt and airborne particles from your home. The allergens are sucked out into the medicated water in the machine by vibration, beating, brushing and through powerful suction thereby leaving sanitized aroma in the air. The equipment is easy to handle and creates neither extreme noise nor dust problems while cleaning. All accessories used in the machine are directly imported from the US and are completely chemical free.


Instead of a vaccum bag (or dry vaccum receptacle), our cleaning System uses water to trap dirt in its Water Reservoir.


After cleaning, the lightweight Reservoir can be easily emptied and reused for the life of the rainbow.


No more dust storms.

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