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Our Story!

Sanitair Services is the first sanitising company to start in India at Bangalore in the year 2010. The rapidly increasing population of Bangalore lead to an unhealthy living environment resulting in dust born allergies like asthma, sneezing, wheezing, red eyes and many more. Dust and dust mites are one of the major health hazards found in most houses in Bangalore.


Mr. Joji Varghese, founder of Sanitair Services wanted to do something to protect people from their unhealthy living environment. His studies went in search of finding a solution to clean mattress and other household upholstery without mobilizing them and washing them with chemicals. He found "Sanitizing" is the only solution. He came to know about an organization in the US who are doing this similar type of service and have been successful. He imported machines worth lakhs and started this noble venture called “SANITAIR”, meaning Sanitizing The Air. After a decade of service , Sanitair has achieved the trust and happiness of 10,000+ customers who have experienced the goodness of cleaning and sanitising.

Who We Are

A team with passion to make life easier and healthier

With an experience of more than a decade, Sanitair offers a one-step solution for all your domestic needs. Sanitair helps customers to book premium quality sanitization services at the comfort of their homes. Sanitair offer a wide range of cleaning and sanitization services, uniquely designed for a healthy lifestyle. With machines equipped with HEPA NEUTRALIZER FILTRATION technology to ensure world class service and a multi-step cleaning service which doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, we make sure that our customer’s satisfaction and health is our priority. Sanitair is your magic genie for any of your domestic and sanitization needs.

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