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Ensure a flawless night’s sleep with Sanitair Mattress cleaning services, where we offer comfortable mattresses at comfortable prices.

What We Do?
Your day starts and ends on your bed. Sometimes we don’t get up from them. Binge watching an entire series, reconnecting with ourselves, or just catching up on all the missed sleep, we find every possible excuse to just spend a little more time on our comfy mattresses. But did you know that your mattress also lets bacteria like Rhizopus and Aspergillus rest alongside with you? There are a handful more of these little demons who chill alongside you on your mattress. Keeping your mattress clean is an important way to improve your overall health and hygiene. We at Sanitair helps make the saying, “don’t let the bedbugs bite” come literally true with our advanced mattress cleaning services.

Dry Extraction
We use Rainbow Cleaning System for the dry extraction process. It involved high power suction with repeated beating, vibration and revolved brushing.

Dry Extraction + Wet Cleaning
If there are removable stains and intense dirt we do wet shampooing after dry extraction.

Dry Extraction + Premium Wet Cleaning + Sanitisation
This is an all new experience of premium and quality. Its a 5 stem intense cleaning. Dry Extraction + UV Sanitisation + Neem Disinfection + Wet Shampooing + Steam Cleaning.

Premium Mattress Cleaning Service

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