Antique Materials Cleaning Service

Best Antique Materials Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Are you worried that your priceless antique possessions are going to ruins? Make your antiques last another lifetime with Sanitair antique cleaning services.

What we do?

Antiques are a favorite for every interior lover. Each antique have a story to tell, which may even span centuries, and they add character to your home. They are extremely valuable and needs great care for their maintenance, which can often be really expensive. Sanitair sanitization services cleans and protects your antiques, without damaging their finish. Make sure that your antiques get the care they deserve without making a hole in your pocket, with Sanitair antique cleaning services.

Our service options

We evaluate the condition of your sofa and decide the service required.

Dry Extraction

We use Rainbow Cleaning System for the dry extraction process. It involved high power suction with repeated beating, vibration and revolved brushing.

Dry Extraction + Wet Cleaning

If there are removable stains and intense dirt we do wet shampooing after dry extraction.

Dry Extraction + Premium Wet Cleaning + Sanitisation

This is an all new experience of premium and quality. Its a 5 stem intense cleaning. Dry Extraction + UV Sanitisation + Neem Disinfection + Wet Shampooing + Steam Cleaning.

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