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How do you come in contact with dust mites?

The average mattress contains millions of dust mites producing a substance called Guanine which is a potent allergen and a perfect environment for other micro organisms. This makes your bed the unhealthiest and most unsanitary place in the house.

When you sleep with the face close to the mattress, we inhale these dust mites along with dead dust mite bodies, particles of fecal matter, bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens into our lungs, and this is the start of our problems.

With soft immune systems kids become exposed to the mites and are more likely to develop ALLERGIES. The steps to reduce the exposure to these allergens may reduce the chance of developing ALLERGIES OR OTHER BREATHING DESEASES.

Why Mattress cleaning?

Because you are sleeping with 2 million enemies.

You spend at least eight hours a day on bed sleeping or watching TV after a long day of work. A good bed provides a comfortable sleep that will get you ready for a new day. What you really don’t know is who is sleeping in your bed.

This might be the biggest problem of your sleep. You and your family are sharing the bed with millions of small organism called Dust Mites who are eating dead skin flakes and are nesting in your beds, pillows and furniture. These Dust Mites are the number one allergen in your house and are affecting 85 percent of the people with Asthma.

Sanitair Services is able to provide a unique chemical free system that kills and removes Dust Mites, germs, mold and bed bugs in your sleeping environment. This will make your bed a safe place to sleep. Our process goes beyond your mattress and is able to sanitize your home.

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